Social Media and Your Local Travel Pictures

The age of technology, and the usage of mobile phones to take pictures today is almost second nature to many, young and more senior. It is a quick, efficient way to store those memories and take exceptional shots.

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With the spontaneity of photos with mobiles also comes more natural and in a lot of cases pictures you would not have caught with a regular styled camera.

The question is then, do we keep these photos on our mobile phones or do we free up the data on our phones and download them all into a file or portable data device as in a USB stick?

I know many people that have changed their phones and kept all their pictures on their phones. they like to be able to post to Facebook and Instagram, in a quick easy to manage way.

The Impact of Social Media On Travel and Travel Photos.

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The traveler’s journey has become very different, we use our mobiles to download boarding passes, take selfie shots and generally anything of interest around us on our journey.

Those traveling no longer rely on guidebooks compiled by ‘experts’ with out-of-date information or even paper maps to navigate their latest destination. Mobile phones do it all.

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TripAdvisor reviews, and travelers’ Instagram photos depicting their latest vacation. This real-time access to relevant tips and, often, crowd-sourced information, has ultimately changed the way travelers approach planning a trip — from inspiration to booking.

Just the use of these two social media platforms alone have turned consumers into asking friends, coworkers and the ratings on these social media platforms to find travel vacation inspirations.

As a result everyone who offers any experience, are seeking reviews on these and other social media platforms. I read a recent survey from Adweek that 69% of millennials regretted not taking a last minute trip due to FOMO. What is FOMO? The fear of missing out!

The use of social media has also brought with it a whole new language! I am a Baby Boomer, the largest influence r generation born. Many of us are living longer now, the work age is up and expectant life expectancy also rising.

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In short, this means there are more people traveling the world than ever before, so our all important mobile phones for photos are more popular than ever. Also social media usage is here to stay!

How wonderful is it that you can be on the other side of the world and ‘Face-time’ a loved one back home for free, or Skype with family for free. To travel and stay in touch has never been so easy.

The world as they say, has become a much smaller place because of these factors. Due to the authenticity of user-generated, or earned, content there has been a transformation in not only the travel buying process, but also in the post travel experience.

From users discovering new destinations, deals, and places to stay through Instagram, to how vacationers are sharing their travels visually through a number of other social media channels, it’s time for travel marketers to take note and leverage this trend.

On Pinterest, over 1000 boards have ‘travel inspiration’ in the title. The majority of them are not destination specific, but instead provide the possibility of a successful trip through inspirational imagery and travel tips.

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Those of us involved in the travel industry should be using these metrics to increase our customer base and generate more sales. To take advantage of social media to inspire people’s future trips you need to:

  • encourage the use of the #hashtag, this promotes your brand and increases engagement with a searchable hashtag.
  • example: #winetours
  • Inspire travelers during the vacation, with real-time images shared during events, travelers will often be inspired to attend an event or attraction they hadn’t planned before their trip.
  • give an added value to a guest/customers who uses the # to find you, your establishment or your tour experience.
  • Encourage travelers to share post-trip, this is done very well with Trip Advisor. they issue cards FREE to hand to guests at the end of their experience to remind them to post.
  • If it is on a tour give FREE WiFi and invite them to post on their way as you drive them back to their accommodation.

In summary, for many, all of the above will mean rethinking your approach to social media, and for people in the travel industry the way you use your social media strategy.

It’s no longer a way to reach this important consumer group. It’s the primary way to do so.

Safe travels and please share on your favourite social media #Tripadvisor

Author: Judi Jaques