Digital Travel Camera – A Few Important Facts

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The need for a digital travel camera arises in everyone’s life at some point. How does it differ from a normal digital camera one might ask?

Well, it many times depends on where you are traveling, like if you are going to a place which is experiencing rain or maybe somewhere that could get water to the camera like water parks or scuba diving then you need a water proof camera.

There are many different types of models which offer that feature. Like there are basic all season digital cameras or some are water resistant up to 50 meters underwater.

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If you are thinking of taking photos of fishes or other things under water then the high resistance water proof cameras are for you.

If you are just going to use them in casual rain fall and not going underwater or giving it any pressure then the basic all season camera is best fit for you.

Both of these types are durable and are good under hard conditions. Some have extra features which would be great for a digital travel camera like shock resistance and scratch proof lenses and screen.

Some are to certain extent unbreakable models as well.

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Also while traveling; it is a good idea to carry a tripod for your camera. You never know when you might need steady hands to shoot a perfect picture, many a times you might also need it when you want to get in the picture yourself.

I know it bothers us all when we are assigned to become the camera man and we ourselves are never in the pictures.

So a tripod is a great way to set the camera on timer and get in with your family in the picture and never miss out.

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I would recommend going for a camera which has the following features:

A good zoom like around 15X to 24X. This may not seem important to many but it is a good zoom is great to take close-up pictures of someone.


Like only focusing the face area using zoom or to reach far away objects when you want to take a picture of something that is really far but you want to capture that with more clarity.


Be sure to take a camera with more optical zoom not digital zoom. Digital zoom just distorts the current photo and magnifies it using pixel enhancements it is not actual zoom and the quality also degrades when you zoom a lot.


High storage capacity is also required, so that you can store a lot of photos and videos in your digital travel camera.


Decent quality video recording can’t be left out. Even thought this is a photo camera having the power to take video with the same device is a good feature and quiet useful too.


Good flash. This is important as well for taking pictures in bad lighting conditions.


Lastly, you need a sturdy and good quality built camera. This is something what frequent traveler will need for their perfect digital travel camera.

all you need when travelling to take picturesBenefits of selfie sticks that may change your perspective

When it comes to buying selfie sticks, most of the people think its waste of money.

Well, let me tell you my friends even though selfie sticks are one of the simplest invention but they aren’t worth less in fact are worth buying.

Whether you buy selfie sticks online or purchase it from the shop or if you believe that it’s not worth buying, I’ll provide you with 10 benefits of selfie sticks that may change your perspective.

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Wide angle selfie: With the help of selfie sticks, you can take pictures from a wide angle without any hesitation. How many times it happened with you that you were on the perfect spot and you wished if you had a selfie stick.

Group selfie: You can even take a group picture using this stick. Now, no one has to be out of the frame anymore. Take group photo using this long range extendable selfie stick.

Travel companion: If you love to travel alone but face problem while capturing those beautiful moments of yours, well you don’t have to worry any more. This selfie mobile stick could be your travel companion, wherever you go, whether on an expedition or hiking use this stick to take the pictures from a great angle.

Easy to use: Using the stick is also very easy, you just have to place the phone or camera on one end on the holder and click the shutter button on the other end and that’s it. You’re ready to take some cool picture of yours.

Fits perfectly on big & heavy cameras: If you’ve ever owned a cheap quality selfie stick then you may have faced this situation where your stick couldn’t hold on to your device anymore, well then don’t go for those cheap ones that doesn’t even fits on to the phone that have big mobile covers installed on them. At least buy a decent selfie stick that could fit on big DSLR camera and big phones and doesn’t loosen up after few uses.

Bluetooth & wireless technology: If you want something little more stylish, then you can go for selfie sticks with bluetooth or wireless remote controller. You just have to pair your smart phone with stick and that’s it. Wireless sticks come with a remote control that you can use to click pictures.

Go for simple stick: If you just want to experience using this stick then you can opt for the standard design which is cheaply available and will be suitable for you.

Waterproof: If you’re a swimmer or love to stay near water then go for waterproof stick, it comes with a waterproof plastic pouch that protects your device from water.selfie stick1

Long range extendible: If you want a stick that could extend up to a higher length then you can go for the bigger ones that extend up to 40 cm.



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