Exploring the Mountains on GoPro Action Camera

Mountaineering has been a passion for men and women for generations. While conquering the highest peaks still remains the domain of very few, many people take on smaller peaks on their holidays. It is a sport that requires strength, stamina, and an unwavering mental attitude to brave the odds that nature throws at you at high altitudes.

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Many climbers also like to record videos of their climb for their personal library or for sharing with the world. While a DSLR that can record videos is often deemed enough for such pursuits, they are usually bulky devices with limitations that become apparent when used in mountaineering. On the other hand, a portable high quality GoPro camera can offer the benefits of a DSLR in addition to many other benefits.

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The biggest advantage of a GoPro is its size and portability. All other factors matter only because a GoPro has additional features despite its incredibly small size. A GoPro can be attached to a helmet or to your chest, but imagine doing something like that with a modern DSLR. When not in use, you can fit a GoPro in your pocket, but you will need to carry extra baggage and storage gear for all other cameras. When climbing, it is crucial to keep your hands free to grasp rocks and ledges or held pick axes. If you have a GoPro, you can continue recording even when you need to use both your hands. A conventional camera cannot capture the action as you do that. Further, a GoPro allows you to travel light. With any other camera, you will need to carry a fair amount of extra weight even before you consider accessories.

The quality offered by a DSLR or a high quality video camera are exceptional. However, GoPros are not too far behind. For many DSLRs, a GoPro will actually surpass it in video quality. The latest GoPro series can record 4K ultra high resolution videos in addition to other HD formats like 2K and 1080p. For still photography, a good DSLR may edge out a GoPro, but not by much. A GoPro also offers you options like wide angle, narrow angle, low and night light, timed shots, time lapse, burst photo mode, continuous photo mode, and more. All these options on any other camera will require additional equipment like lenses and filters, further increasing the bulk and carry weight.

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A GoPro is even better suited for trips that combine mountaineering with other activities like base jumping or hang gliding. These forms of active sport are full of great moments that are great for sharing with the world. With a GoPro attached to your chest or camera, you could do just that.

GoPros are also being employed for climber safety and rescue operations. Most GoPros are WiFi enabled and you can use it to connect to a long range transmitter in your or your climbing partner’s backpack. In an emergency, the video feed can not only help find your location, but also provide rescue personnel with data about the weather, ground conditions and even your physical health.

 Just as with every extreme sport, GoPros are changing the way mountaineers record their achievements. And when they share their videos with the world, it creates awareness and inspires more people to take up the sport.

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