7 Hacks Of Traveling with Children

7 Hacks Of Traveling with Children

7 Hacks Of Traveling with Children

If you are ever planning a trip as in a plane trip with children, these few simple hacks maybe the difference between disaster and having the best time!

I am writing this from my experiences and recently traveling from Australia to Canada with children and grandchildren.

1/ Use an airline website to pre-book all seats together as early as you can, even to contact the airline on the phone and let them know. They are very accommodating.

2/ Avoid putting your family’s details on luggage tags, consider getting the kids to decorate with their special stickers or ribbon. Take a photo on your mobile phone of each tag so if your luggage goes astray you have the photo to help recover bags. This also makes it easier to spot your luggage for collection!

3/ Pack wisely, and plan ahead for any ‘accidents’ on-board. Sickness, food spills, you will need baby wipes, plastic bags, medication, an extra set of clothes in your hand luggage. This will save the day also if your luggage goes missing.

I think at this time it is also very useful to have one of those inflatable pillows so a child can snuggle up against the wall of the window seat.

4/ Download the airline’s app to store a digital copy of your boarding passes and keep up to date on flight information.

5/ We touched on this earlier, but always plan for flight delays and changes, even flight cancellations. Have a toy for each child and treats and snacks available. Airline food for a family can be expensive.

6/ Pick the right check-in queue, choose a queue that is next to the business class/members desk because they usually aren’t busy and take passengers queueing from the next line. Pre-book security fast track which enables you to avoid lengthy queues at security. The extra cost is well worth it with family.

If you want to avoid extra cost but get through security as quickly as possible, go to the left. Most travelers are right handed and naturally veer to the right when choosing a security line, leaving fewer people in left lines.

7/ Feeding times. The change in air pressure which occurs during take-off and landing can be upsetting for small children and babies. Schedule your feeds so that they can take place during this time, as swallowing will help relieve air pressure.

The same principle applies for children, give them a lollypop to suck during take-off and landing.

There you have it! I hope you have a very enjoyable flight and wonderful holiday with your family.

Author: Judi Jaques